West Tees Hall of Fame

West Tees Hall of Fame

The West Tees Hall of Fame is where we display, with great pride, photographs of our friends and vacationers.  Oh, and did we forget to mention that all of them are wearing our exclusive uber stylish WestWeeks T-Shirt?

Want a WestWeeks Tee?   Book a condo vacation rental week, and we’ll send you one, FREE!  All we ask is:

– That you request the T-shirt, tell us the size (shirt are available in M, L, and XL) and where you want it sent.

– Your promise that you’ll email us some photos of yourself or a family member wearing the Tee on vacation, preferably having fun, and give us permission to put them on our website.

We’ll post up your happy faces for the whole world to see!  You probably won’t get the 10 million views of YouTube, but maybe that’s a good thing?