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Radius Engineering P10 Bomb Shelter
Radius Engineering P10 Bomb Shelter and components





Are you ready to “go underground” in 2012, after the next terrorist attack, or when a tornado or hurricane strikes?

Stay safe in this fully renewed and upgraded P-10 bomb shelter or bunker or underground residence, manufactured by Radius Engineering. Shelter includes a pass-through of warranties on the structure and on the installed components.
The shelter is in a secured storage facility near downtown Dallas, Texas, and can be viewed on an appointment basis.

If you are serious about protecting yourself and your family, this has often been called the gold standard in disaster shelters! Be ready for any manmade or natural disaster: war, terror, civil unrest, tornado, hurricane, or nuclear fallout/weapon strike. This shelter is designed for 10 persons for 30 days, but can accommodate a larger group for shorter stays. It can also be upgraded/customized, at additional cost, for longer stays.

This shelter is “better than new” and includes these upgrades:

– Cleaned and washed shelter thoroughly inside and outside
– Applied new gelcoat protective sealant to outside of structure
– Removed all old, outdated, or damaged components.
– Installed new counter with integral 30 gallon alcohol fuel tank
– Installed new control panel
– Installed new battery charger/AC inverter
– Installed new batteries
– Installed new scanner radio
– Installed new Ham radio
– Installed new LED lights
– Installed new 2 V electrical panel
– Installed new wiring throughout shelter
– Installed new floorboards in select areas
– Installed new 12 volt water pump and water pressure system
– Installed new MCAS air filtration system
– Installed new water tank
– Installed new entryway hatchway and ladder
– Installed new entryway gasket and bolts
– Includes a new leaching septic system

This P10 shelter is complete, ready for transport, and installation on your property. However, the buyer will have an opportunity to add some custom finishing touches at the factory, if desired.

$60,000 is a great price! Compare our price to the original retail price for this P10 shelter of $105,000 plus sales taxes, or to Radius’ lowest-priced current model 8-person shelter, the RC8, which retails for $108,000-$111,000 plus sales taxes.

Please note that transporting the shelter, and installing it on the buyer’s property, would be the buyer’s responsibility, and total cost will vary by distance to site and difficulty to install.

George Welhaf, Jr. of Greeneye Tech (Radius’ master distributor and installer) can answer your technical questions and assist you in lining up the resources to do the transport and install work. George may be reached by telephone at 610-203-6214 or 877-407-1168, or email [email protected] Please let us know if you have questions or problems contacting George.

From the manufacturer’s brochure:

The P10 is a totally self-contained 40-150 psi ribbed paraboloid (egg shape) underground disaster shelter designed to protect up to 10 people for long periods or 20 people for short durations such as during tornadoes. The product was specifically designed and developed to protect people during and after disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, storms, forest fires, power failures, nuclear power plant accidents, nuclear/chemical terrorism, and full-scale protracted nuclear, chemical and biological war. A tremendous effort has been made to think of every conceivable incident that shelterists could face in the P10 shelter.

Buy with as little as $5000 down payment.  Balance will be financed by the sellers at 10% interest, interest only financing for 3 years with a $55,000 balloon. On a $55,000 loan, payments would be about $458 a month for 3 years.  Or, propose terms fitting your needs.

Buyers to pay all closing costs to provide a deed of trust on real property (with an assessed value of at least $75,000 and no encumbrances) as collateral for the loan (or provide other collateral as may be agreed upon and accepted by the sellers), and to submit credit reports and FICOs for seller review and approval.

We will also consider barter/trade for all or part of the purchase price (for example, real estate).